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1. Expressions of concern or complaints regarding materials in the library collection must be in writing. The form "Statement of Concern about Library Resources” must be used. This form will be provided by library staff to those wishing to indicate their concern. If complainant chooses to complete this form, it is suggested that it be returned within 10 days following receipt. Library staff shall notify the library director when a form has been issued.
2. Following receipt of the completed complaint form, the library director shall notify the complainant in writing of the procedures related to the re-examination of the material in question. The material shall remain in the library collection until a decision is made.
3. A Reconsideration Committee shall be established to consist of the library director, assistant library director, and youth services librarian. The complainant will not be asked to participate on the committee other than by way of submitting the "Statement of Concern about Library Resources” form.
4. The Reconsideration Committee shall examine and review the questioned material in context. Objections shall be considered in terms of the library materials selection policy, the principles of the Library Bill of Rights, and the opinions of various professional reviewing sources. A written response, including a recommendation, prepared by the Committee will be provided to the complainant. Information about how the decision can be appealed will also be included in this letter.
5. The library director shall notify the Library Board of Trustees that a formal complaint has been filed.
6. Should the complainant not be satisfied with the decision of the Reconsideration Committee, a written appeal may be submitted within 5 calendar days to the library director for review by the Library Board. The Library Board shall decide procedure for conducting a hearing on the material in question. Following fact gathering, the Library Board shall make a final decision on the issue.
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